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Howdy everyone!

I am currently working on a project where I would like to overlay a live GPS trail onto a blank background, to create an effect similar to the 'GPS traces' on this website. I was just wondering if this is at all possible, and if so, how I should go about doing this.

I know its a bit vague, but any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Roy

asked 02 Dec '10, 14:55

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Would you add some more details? It is your project Web based or is an application intended for a desktop computer, mobile phone, etc? When you say "live" do you mean a live signal coming from a GPS or animating a previous recorded GPS track?

(23 Feb '11, 10:27) temporalista

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(10 Mar '11, 16:58) Baloo Uriza

Hi Roy,

Many GPS receivers can be made to behave like serial devices. They will provide position information every so often, and you can generally configure how often. So yes, you can capture that serial data, and provide it you whatever tools you wish to work with, to consume the data and plot a location on screen, or paper, or whatever your output device of choice might be.

Some navigation software will accept live gps data to place your position on a moving map. Perhaps have a look at GPSDrive to see if that gives you any ideas.

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answered 02 Dec '10, 17:27

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Richard Weait
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The Garmin Oregon, and presumably Colorado, and their lowest-end trail-user models that aren't capable of navigation, can all do this out of the box. With the Colorado and Oregon units, you may have to turn off all map layers first.

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answered 23 Feb '11, 22:13

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Baloo Uriza
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