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Hi there,

the osm-professional mailing list seems to be dead, so I ask in this list.

I use OSM maps on a private scale and allways give notice of licence and "sponsored by STRATO".

Now I wnat to extend my usage of OSM maps to commercial scale and have some questions.

  • I do not want to provide the "sponsored by STRATO" attribution any more? Is this legal?
  • I know, that I am not allowed to use the tiles for commercial purposes, so what can I do:

Thanks for for answering these questions or sending me links to more information.


asked 19 Oct '12, 08:48

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"Sponsored by STRATO" is displayed on some of the servers operated by the German OSM community because these are indeed sponsored by that company; there is no requirement to display this text on anything you do with OSM.

You are allowed to use OSM data for commercial purposes without limitations (as long as you respect the ODbL license). The use of our server resources (i.e. loading tiles from or however is limited; it is not forbidden to use these commercially if the use is small-scale, but we usually ask people to set up their own server (or buy tile hosting capacity commercially) if they want to use it on a larger scale.

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answered 19 Oct '12, 09:33

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hi Frederik,

thanks for your answer.

buy tile hosting capacity commercially that sounds interesting. Where do I get information about who is providing hosting capacity and the costs?

Thanks again.


(19 Oct '12, 10:01) MLS12 is one of a few companies providing comercial hosting for osm maps. Can't think of other ones right now, but a google search should bring more up.

(19 Oct '12, 12:00) Vincent de P... ♦

Depending on the scale of the commercial use you are planning, it would be nicer to setup your own tile server and database replica. It is not something simple and quick to do, specially when working with the full planet files (like I do, for personal learning and challenge). All the data and the software may be obtained and used free of charge, of course, but the "know-how" is something that either you acquire by yourself of pay others to do. There is, however, lots of resources available on the web on this.

I believe that when you setup your own tileserver and database, you gain by being able to modify and suit almost every aspect of the map to your needs (for example, layers, styles, etc.) so if you want to give your project's identity to the OSM data, this is the way to go.

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answered 19 Oct '12, 21:10

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