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I would like to edit the OSM map when I am outdoors. The article on Editing gives some ideas, but I would like to know if anybody is actually having a working solution in use. This could range from a mobile phone with e.g. GpsMid to maybe a small tablet PC with JOSM and livegps JOSM plugin.


UPDATE: Ok, here are some of my requirements:

1) GpsMip-like view:

  • (offline generated) map is displayed
  • my current position is shown
  • ideally, I can see (and record) my track
  • ideally, I can create waypoints that are added to the track, but do not become part of the map

2) Potlatch-like editing of the OSM map (ideally offline as with JOSM)

  • creating nodes
  • creating ways
  • moving/deleting existing nodes/ways
  • splitting and joining ways
  • add/modify/delete tags of nodes/ways (I am ok with text input, but having some presets that can be entered more easily would also be great).

3) A device for outdoor use

  • portable (with battery for about 2 hours of editing)
  • GPS (integrated or in a separarte device that can be somehow connected)
  • I am ok with using it at night, but other people may want a screen that can be read in sunny outdoor environment
  • I/O which is sufficiently precices for editing the map (maybe a tablet pen?)
  • easy to enter text (for tags)
  • possibility to store changes to the map for later upload
  • possibility to upload map changes via WLAN (or 3G or 4G network).

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Could you specify what kind of editing you want to do. Adding a POI as a node has completely different requirements than e.g. adding shapes and tags for 3D buildings.

(19 Oct '12, 00:37) cartinus

I wonder e.g. if I should get a Nokia N800 from ebay and install Osm2go. Does anybody have some experience with that combination?

(19 Oct '12, 22:05) Nachtspazz

Vespucci would seem to cover most of your requirements.

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answered 19 Oct '12, 23:11

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SimonPoole ♦
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From the article on Editing, I also saw that Vespucci and OSM2Go might be good candiates for the software. But I would like to know, if people are really using it, how a complete solution could look like, and what experience people have with such solutions. Furthermore, I wonder why Vespucci is tagged as an "online editor". Does it mean that I have to be connected?

(And I still wonder, if JOSM on a tablet with livegps plugin would be a good choice).

(19 Oct '12, 23:55) Nachtspazz

I have just tested Vespucci a couple of times, so can't talk from real experience. My understanding is online mens that currently the save function in Vespucci is to upload the changes to OSM. Might be doable to leave the edit open, and (if battery allows) upload the change only when at a WLAN. But that might not work for multiple areas to edit. To use Vespucci in offline mode, I understand Vespucci would need to be modified to store multiple edits to local storage for later upload.

(14 Nov '12, 08:59) jkp


The current version of ShareNav (which uses the same code base as GpsMid, so has all the features in GpsMid) can connect to GPS on a laptop via gpsd. It (I think I added this already in the most recent version of GpsMid) can also launch potlatch with the appropriate coordinates for in-browser geometry editing. I've been thinking of adding support to launching Vespucci with the right coordinates, but that might require changes to Vespucci also. These apparently don't offer offline editing, though.

As for devices - if you use Android, ShareNav can be gotten directly from Google Play store, , and for java SE / J2ME you can download from the SourceForge site at


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answered 12 Nov '12, 11:01

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Thanks. Sounds interesting. I will have a look.

(12 Nov '12, 22:54) Nachtspazz

Hi Jyrki,

I am happy to see that GpsMid/ShareNav development is continued. However, for my specific purpose I would need a more powerful mobile offline editor which ShareNav obvioulsy is not.

Thanks anyway,


(13 Nov '12, 21:30) Nachtspazz


ShareNav doesn't have offline editing at the moment, but that would be doable with the architecture to postpone edit updates (http uploads) for later. For Android, the tag editing UI needs improvement.

Would doing these two things (offline & UI improvement) and perhaps adding some presets cover your needs, or do you require the more advanced things like way splitting & joining & geometry editing? If so, probably best is Vespucci, though It also does not seem to have an offline mode; not sure of delayed upload.

As for devices, Samsung has some devices with a pen e.g. in the Note line.

(14 Nov '12, 08:34) jkp


It seems that OSM2Go with a Nokia N800 or N900 is not an option anymore. The project is discontinued and I have indications that it would not interact with the OSM API anymore.

UPDATE: OSM Wiki provides a fix ("problems with IPv6 record for"). I got an N900 and installed OSM2go. And it works! It seems that this is exactly what I wanted to have. I will give it a try.


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answered 13 Nov '12, 21:13

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