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I recently did a search for "Forest Road Oceanside California".

It yielded "No results found", even when the street name was visible on the map in front of me.

I'm I doing something wrong?

Are streetname searches supported?

Thank You for any guidance!


asked 16 Oct '12, 20:19

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Nominatim (that is what powers the search box on the website) uses a combination of boundaries and place nodes to determine in which place a street lies. This is necessary because OSM does not have complete boundaries for every place in the world (yet ;)

If you search for "Forest Road, San Diego County, California", then it finds Forest Road, Rancho San Luis Rey Trailer Park, San Diego County, California, 92054, United States of America. Is that the one you are looking for?

For more technical details look at some other questions tagged with "nominatim".

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answered 16 Oct '12, 21:14

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Thank you cartinus!

Yes, the search with "San Diego County" does return the correct location.

I'll use the county name for further local searches, rather than specific city names.

Thank you also for adding the "nominatim" tag.

I'll dig into some of the other questions with this tag to more deeply understand the search criteria.

Thank You for your contribution to openstreetmaps!


(16 Oct '12, 21:26) johnea

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