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do you have any ideas, if there are official rules concerning cycling directions in roundabouts? I´m talking about roundabouts with separeted cycle ways,

Example 1, Vienna, both directions are allowed:

Example 2, Berlin, only one direction is allowed: (a friend "repaired" it 5 min ago, maybe it´s not updated yet)

or has every roundabout its own rules =)?

asked 16 Oct '12, 13:45

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Bruder Jakob
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I don't think that the cycleways are part of the roundabout in a legal sense. So it all depends on the traffic signs along the cycleway.

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answered 16 Oct '12, 14:33

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On-site survey should give you the answer pretty quickly when it is not already obvious from the layout. In the given examples, since the cycle lanes are separate ways, it's easy to tag them however you please, as separate "highway" entities.

(16 Oct '12, 15:06) Vincent de P... ♦

If you add the tag "junction=roundabout", you don't need "oneway=yes". The question is now about adding the "junction=roundabout" on a cycleway. This is usually indicated by a specific traffic sign on the main road. If the same sign exists for your cycleway "roundabout", then add the "junction=roundabout". If not, then add the "oneway=yes".

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answered 16 Oct '12, 15:01

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