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I'm 95% sure I did a good part of editing the area around the way 179389330 in the first halve of April 2012 using Potlach. I think I add a way like this way and a lot of way and nodes in this are. But now I can't find any trace of my edit in this area. Can that happen or do I imagine this edit? The only way I can think of is that I forgot to save but I save usually very often. And I think it happen in other parts to but I can't say so precisely which ones. I'm not really familiar whit the history of OSM. Is there a way to find this issue?


asked 15 Oct '12, 16:27

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Currently this page of your edits covers March-May 2012. That contains 3 Singapore changesets, for the Marina, Little India, and one in between. There's nothing in to the northeast of those. Could you have possible used a different userid?

I also looks for deleted ways in Potlatch 1, and didn't see any. I also had a look using OSMI and couldn't see any licence redaction there.

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answered 15 Oct '12, 21:39

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I'm sure I use only one Account and I checked this 3 changesets. The edits I think I made are not there right now (whit exception of the part I add yesterday "again"). Thanks for searching! And the tip wit OSMI!

(16 Oct '12, 08:08) samden

Getting the overview of the editing history of an area in osm is (yet) somewhat difficult. Nevertheless there are various tool allowing you to shed at last some light on an areas editing history:

  • WhoDidtIt - gives you the changesets that had nodes edited in a specific area. Yet, the "eternity" setting is set to 1000 days, IIRC. The tool typically gives a good overview of who has been active in a given area and more details can be obtained by browsing the respective changesets.
  • If you do know the ID of a deleted object, you can browse its history through the regular api, e.g. for the way you mention.
  • If you do not know the ID of a deleted way, you may try Potlatch1's "undo"-function. In order to use Potlatch1, you now have to set Potlatch1 as your default editor on your osm-profile, and then open the area with the edit-tab. Once Potlatch1 is open, pressing the "U"-key (undelete) should bring up a list of deleted ways, giving the option to recover any of them.
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answered 16 Oct '12, 08:15

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