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See the snapshot below. I am able to click markers on this map and I can also display the lat longs on it.

But I just can't see the map!

alt text

The code is here. This function gets called first.

function displayMapAndClick ()
    map = ('map', 
        dragging: true,
    }).setView([51.505, -0.09], 13, true);

        attribution: 'Map data &copy; <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors, <a href="">CC-BY-SA</a>, Imagery © <a href="">CloudMade</a>',
        maxZoom: 13,
        styleId: 997

    selectCenterPoint ();

The Qt's code which accesses the open street map url is:

void Map::geoCode (QString local)
    clearCoordinates ();

    QString url = "";
    manager->get (QNetworkRequest (QUrl (url)));

asked 10 Oct '12, 06:20

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Anisha Kaul
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Jonathan Ben...

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Did you replace API-key in the CloudMade tile URL?

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answered 10 Oct '12, 06:41

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scai ♦
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@scai No, do I have to replace it? Sorry, didn't know about it. From where do we get a separate key?

(10 Oct '12, 06:44) Anisha Kaul

@Anisha-Kaul Yes I think so, seems like you just have to register to get a free API key.

(10 Oct '12, 07:28) scai ♦

@scai Ok, I''l try that and folow up soon. :)

(10 Oct '12, 07:31) Anisha Kaul

@scai I registered at CloudMade, and got the key. but this didn't help in anything. The map isn't yet displayed.

(10 Oct '12, 08:07) Anisha Kaul

Can you use a tool like Wireshark to see which tile URL it tries to open and to check whether this URL is valid?

(10 Oct '12, 08:12) scai ♦

@scai I again restarted the application, and this time the map did get displayed. The key has done the trick I think. Please put your comment as an answer and I'll select it. Thanks,.

(10 Oct '12, 08:23) Anisha Kaul
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