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I have downloaded the Geofabrik Australia.osm.pbf extract dated 8/10/12 and loaded into a PostGIS database with osm2pgsql with no errors.

However, when I display this data (using OpenLayers and MapServer), I see quite a different picture from what I see when I look at the same area on www.openstreetmap.org.

At www.openstreetmap.org lat=-34.932, lon=138.574, zoom=10, I see red, orange and green streets, green park names and quite a few parks, lakes and streams.

The same area in my map shows no green streets, no park names and only a couple of parks and lakes: generally much less detail.

Yesterday, I loaded the extract dated 7/10/12 and compared it with www.openstreetmap.org and saw much the same differences so it is not just a matter of missing a few updates.

How can I best get the more detailed data?

Cheers and thanks, Stephen

asked 09 Oct '12, 07:07

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Stephen C Da...
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SomeoneElse ♦

Today I trashed my PostGIS database and created a new one using imposm (instead of osm2pgsql).

I also recreated my map file using a new download of the mapserver-utils in "default" mode.

The result is significantly closer to the OSM original but still has less detail.

I have searched through the database and confirmed that there are a lot of features in the database that fail to meet any of the criteria in the map file so the bottom line seems to be that I need to manually edit the generated map file to include the ones that I want/need.

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answered 11 Oct '12, 08:16

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Stephen C Da...
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OpenStreetMap's default "mapnik" map layer is generated rendered using Mapnik and not Mapserver. The mapnik styles are here: http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/rendering/mapnik/

And extended guide on how to setup mapnik for OSM is available on http://www.switch2osm.org

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answered 11 Oct '12, 13:21

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Firefishy ♦♦
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While it is always possible that there's a bug in the extraction process, the Geofabrik .osm.pbf extracts will normally contain every object that is in OpenStreetMap. Are you sure that your import and rendering process is working correctly? You could verify that by loading a small amount of data from the region in question through the "export" tab on openstreetmap.org. Can you post a screenshot of how the rendering looks on your machine?

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answered 09 Oct '12, 08:13

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Zoom level 10 is quite a way out - depending on its specification, your server may take a while to render those tiles.

Perhaps instead look at the differences between this tile on your server and the OSM server.

EDIT - extraneous mod_tile-specific stuff removed.

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answered 09 Oct '12, 11:54

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SomeoneElse ♦
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The original post says he's using MapServer, not mod_tile.

(09 Oct '12, 14:06) Andy Allan

I have put screen shots at www.sdc.com.au/osm/osm.png and www.sdc.com.au/osm/mapserver.png.

I have also done an export of a small subset of the osm data and will load it into PostGIS ASAP.

(10 Oct '12, 02:43) Stephen C Da...

I have loaded the small set of data exported from osm.org and again the results displayed by MapServer are quite different. (See www.sdc.com.au/osm/osm2.png and www.sdc.com.au/osm/mapserver2.png.)

The obvious conclusion is that there is something wrong with my map file.

I am using a map file generated by osm-mapserver-utils as documented in the MapServer "RenderingOsmData" section.

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answered 10 Oct '12, 03:14

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Stephen C Da...
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