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How should addresses be tagged, when a village does not use streetnames? Here, addresses only consist of the village, optionally the hamlet and the housenumber? Should the hamlet name be used for addr:street? Or should another key like addr:place or addr:hamlet be used? But in that case: How can I indicate that (searching/indexing) software should not try to (desperately) search for streetnames like Nominatim does if no addr:street is given?

asked 06 Oct '12, 14:43

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in the wiki, the tag addr:place is shown for this purpose

e.g. addr:place=Somevillage, addr:housenumber=123a

I used this on some addresses in Rustavi, where houses are numbered by microraions instead of streets, seems to be the most apropriate way of tagging so far...

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answered 08 Oct '12, 05:59

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moszkva ter
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I'd say tag it with the smallest feature that it is part of (town, village, street, whatever) using addr:*. It would be useful to have examples to improve nominatim, if you can tag something, document it in the wiki and create an example here ( it should hopefully get resolved as a developer finds time.

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answered 07 Oct '12, 15:06

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Should the hamlet name be used for addr:street?

No. Don't try to "force" real data to meet an arbitrary addressing scheme. If there are no street names, then there should be no addr:street tags. OSM should reflect what's on the ground.

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answered 14 Jul '15, 11:20

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In theory addr:suburb was suggested for this. Practically I use it, but I don't think all apps that would want to use it (search for it) could cope with it.

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answered 06 Oct '12, 18:51

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Why would you use something that means "part of a bigger place" (suburb) when you are tagging a little mountain village?

(06 Oct '12, 22:09) cartinus

Sorry, your answer doesn't help at all. :( addr:suburb is clearly the wrong choice, when a village gives housenumbers by hamlet (one could use addr:hamlet already).

The main problem is, that geocoders (like nominatim) desperately try to find a streetname for a given housenumber, if none is supplied. I'm looking for a method to indicate that there is actually no streetname for a certain address (a missing addr:street does not mean that!).

(07 Oct '12, 11:30) tyr_asd

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