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I love finding this site. I have been looking to make a web page that uses maps and wiki. However developing and programming are unknown to me. The search for addresses is very important with what I am doing. However the data overlays people have added will not be needed with what I am doing.

So, if I use this program (and give credit where I got it) do I need to make my solutions and data added open source?

Will this program run with the maps and a wiki or do I need to buy licensing from bing or someone?

What level of programmer/developer would I need? Such as which programs would they need to know to work with this one?

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You don't need to release any software that uses OSM as open source. However, if you improve the data, you do have to make that available on open source terms. See as a starting point for finding out about our licence.

You do not need to buy anything to use the maps. However, bear in mind that we can't provide completely unlimited free access to our own servers: if many people will be visiting your site, you'll need to use your own or someone else's server. Follow the 'Usage Policy' links from the copyright page for details.

The skills that your developer will need are entirely dependent on what your project actually is!

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answered 04 Oct '12, 12:22

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