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Way: 100 (184003779)

Why isn't this showing up as a buidling? This came in using a vector file, alt-click to tag. added

building office name 100

the editor does not support the options for buidlings, but it was possible to add the tags above. what else needs to be done for this to appear as a builind?

asked 03 Oct '12, 16:05

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The usual answer to this question is "why does something that I have added not show up immediately".

In this case though, looking at the resulting way i can see that these two nodes are in the same place but different, so (at the time that I write this) the way isn't closed. Delete one of the duplicate nodes and join, and it should be fixed.

In Potlatch 2 you can see the duplicate node highlighted: duplicate node ring in P2

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answered 03 Oct '12, 16:19

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It is visible here, try to clear your browser cache and see this question for various other explanations. Rendering seems to be slow at the moment according to the renderd queue length, so be patient when adding new data.

Also please check the name of the buildings you added, I doubt the numbers are their official names. If you want to add addresses, use the addr key. If these numbers are just some reference, use the ref key instead.

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answered 03 Oct '12, 16:12

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