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I have a problem when designing a crossroads.

On one side of the crossroads leaves the A-Street. On the other side the B-Street. The main road has a divided highway.

    -<---o---<- Part 1
         |             main road with two separate lanes   
    ->---o--->- Part 2 

The A-Street has its endconnection at the main road part 1, The B-Street at the main road part 2.

But there is a central section I can't associate either to the A-Street or the B-Street.

Have I to drop the name of this central section? What is the highway-keyword for this part?


asked 03 Oct '12, 09:57

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See here where somebody asked the same question.

(03 Oct '12, 16:08) cartinus

If it were me I wouldn't name the central section at all, or give it a reference, and give it a "link" keyword. So if the main road is highway=trunk, i'd tag the centre as highway=trunk_link, for instance.

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answered 03 Oct '12, 10:18

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Hi Rapunzel, why dont you name the central section the same as the main road ? Its in the middle isnt it ? Some extra work but still worth doiing.

(03 Oct '12, 10:53) Hendrikklaas

Hi Hendrikklaas, I think it's a problem when turning left from main road Part 1 to B-Street for example. When naming the central section as "main road", the navigation system says that I'm turning left to the main road and not to the B-Street. When naming the central section as B-Street, it would be right. But then there is a problem when turning left from the main road Part 2 to the A-Street. Now navigation system says that I'm turning to B-Street. And that is wrong. Therefore I think that the tip not to name the central section would be right.

(03 Oct '12, 13:46) rapunzel

Hi Rapunzel, thanks for the reaction. That could be a problem, since Im in the game for a nice, visible and readable map and clear results. I dont mind what people do with the results, read it, look at it or even not at all. But routing is electronical and a program isnt intelligent. I just had the same discussion overhere with a guy making bicycle routes, he stated that were both at the other side of the border. Keep mapping

(03 Oct '12, 19:51) Hendrikklaas

You could use something like "name:forward=A Street" and "name:backward=B Street" for the center segment if you want to name it. As Paul commented bellow, this isn't correct. destination:street:forward and destination:street:backward would be more appropriate.

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answered 21 Dec '16, 15:55

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Kyle Gates
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This sounds wrong. Are there real existing roads that have different names depending on the direction you are driving?

(21 Dec '16, 16:22) scai ♦

@scai: There are a few roads like this where a boundary runs along the centre of the road and it's a different name on either side (I can't find any examples right now), but that isn't what's happening here anyway.

(21 Dec '16, 19:13) alester

I think you want destination:street:forward and destination:street:backward on the median link in this case.

(21 Dec '16, 19:42) Baloo Uriza

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