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I have seen that the question is for discussing a lot. But i am too new at osm. I just want to know how much covers every one of the tags in "places" options. Here in spanish we could name "barrio" to a portion of the city that covers about 400mts x 400mts aprox. or may be bigger. I need you to tell me which one of those tags i should use to define a "barrio".

I hope you to understand what i want to ask. Thanks.

asked 02 Oct '12, 12:13

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Juan Facundo
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Districts (boroughs) like "arrondisments" of Paris or "Bezirke" of German/Austrian towns/cities (like Berlin or Vienna) are place=suburb.

Smaller areas are place=neighbourhood.

Both are parts of towns (cities). Those never are "countryside" villages.

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answered 05 Oct '12, 04:12

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i guess it shows that this thing varies from country to country

(05 Oct '12, 04:24) JCsM

I don't know the exact meaning of the spanish word "barrio", but my translator suggests it's part of a town.

(05 Oct '12, 04:59) _al

Here in Philippines, barrio is smaller than town (pueblo), so I will go for village since there is no barrio under "places"

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answered 05 Oct '12, 00:00

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seems like a "barrio" is either place=suburb or place=neighbourhood.

Is it an administrative unit with well-defined borders? That would be pro-suburb. Is it non-administrative, but noticed as "something on its own", eg. there is a functional centre / sub-centre? that also smells like "suburb".

But if it is more a statistical unit and the barrios do not have any other significance (names are not used / widely known by the people etc.), better make it an admin-level and not a place.

But the small size of only a couple of city blocks sounds more like place=neighbourhood.

I guess, a barrio can be many different things, so it depends on the case.

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answered 02 Oct '12, 13:13

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moszkva ter
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yes, can be meny things dependeng on size, i guess. I'll try neighbourhood.

Barrio is some place, that covers a small part of the city and it could be deferenciated by name. It's well delimitated area. But i don't know very well were the limits are. Thats de because i asked the area that covers each one of the options. I wont to set a not well difined are (for now) but to give an idea where is each "barrio". Or you could tell me which one is the samllest. :-)

Thanks for replaying.

(02 Oct '12, 14:13) Juan Facundo

neighbourhood is the smallest urban place. Currently, unfortunately, not rendered on the main map. But perhaps you can contact fellow spanish mappers on how to work with barrios? Is there a spanish mailing list?

(02 Oct '12, 14:43) moszkva ter

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