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Hi folks,

I'm relatively new to OSM and I couldn't find sufficient information in the wiki about tagging houses with housenumbers.

My questions:

  1. Is it better to tag the houses directly with "addr:housenumber" or place a new node near the entrance and tag that?
  2. How do I tag a house which is in reality marked as "23–27"? Also as 23-27, as 23,25,27 or as 23/25/27? The house is on the side of the street with odd housenumbers.
    2.b What kind of dash should I use for 23–27? A - (minus) or a – (en dash)?
  3. Should I also tag the houses with addr:city, addr:country and addr:postcode or is this not necessary?

You can see my first effort in placing housenumbers here: If I made a mistake, please correct me.

Thanks, Aleph

asked 28 Nov '10, 11:50

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meta: please do not ask multiple questions in one "question" entry on this site. That makes it less useful for people coming later on.

(19 Mar '16, 07:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

  1. The prefered way is to place a node at the entrence so that the routing software will navigate you to the front door. This is espessialy importent for the blind.
  2. From the wiki: If a single entry has multiple house numbers, separate them by ",". e.g. "12b,12c". Alternativly mark the entrences with the address or use intrepolation ways.
  3. This is generaly not taged on each address. But it could be tagged on poligons around the city/country/postcode area.
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answered 28 Nov '10, 12:09

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Thank you!

(28 Nov '10, 18:16) Aleph

There is no consensus on this topic and I personally don't agree with any of these answers.

(19 Mar '16, 07:35) MarkusHD

@MarkusHD commenting on a 6 year old answer and not even indicating what you would do different is not particularly helpful. This is "", not "".

(19 Mar '16, 08:40) SimonPoole ♦

The question appeared in my RSS reader and I wanted to write another answer beside this existing one. Then I noticed it is quite old and only showed up as RSS feed due to its today's comment, so I discarded my plan.

But having already logged in I thought to at least write a comment to note that this answer is not the only truth. It doesn't even mention there are different views on this topic. And showing this is indeed helpful, even if a proper answer is better. This was not moaning at all, which you claimed.

But thinking about it again: What has the age of a question to do with the reasons to answer or comment? And I'm also looking at my reaction when I noticed this. If the question is still relevant - which is the case here - then exactly nothing I guess. People might still encounter this question when searching.

(19 Mar '16, 18:58) MarkusHD

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