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Hi all.

In my city, trying to set route to navigate, strangely mapfactor navigator free (wich uses openstreetmap for its maps) traced every time an "illogical" route. It is a very heavy traffic load at this point. For saying something to reach a city that is 30 km away from mine, in a practically rect line over one route, navigator traced to make 150 km, and take many other routes.

Today i decided to find (or try) what was going on, and i believe i found it. But i wanted to ask to you if this could solve de problem. In the picture below, openstreetmap show a "discontinued" route in that segment. Could this makes all the "illogical" routing?

I have already asked to mapfactor forums and i am waiting for answer. But i thougth to ask you too ;-)

Anyway i fixed it in the map, because it's not a broken route.

alt text

asked 01 Oct '12, 01:52

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Juan Facundo
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by the way, an error near about mentioned above:

This highway intersects the highway #182797204 but there is no junction node. The picture:

alt text

How can i fix this? because the bridge crosses OVER the other route. Just ignore the error? or is there another way?

(01 Oct '12, 11:50) Juan Facundo

In order to make it clear that the road on the bridge doesn't join the road underneath, add the layer tag. Items with a larger layer number are above items with a lower layer number. In this case adding layer=1 to the bridge will make it clear that it goes over the road (items without a layer tag are assumed to be layer=0).

(01 Oct '12, 12:00) SomeoneElse ♦

Please create a separate question next time. The highway has a bridge tag, but misses the layer tag. You should add this tag (layer=1 in this specific case) whenever two highways intersect - additionally to the bridge or tunnel tag.

(01 Oct '12, 12:04) scai ♦

Thanks again and sorry for not creating a new question. It was a mistake.

(01 Oct '12, 12:07) Juan Facundo

Yes, routers won't route over discontinued roads or missing road junctions. These are common errors for beginners and should be fixed, Keep Right will help you with that. It shows several other similar errors in your area.

permanent link

answered 01 Oct '12, 06:15

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scai ♦
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hi skai, can i use this "keep right" to find errors in my place? how do i use it exactly? thanks

(01 Oct '12, 08:58) JCsM

go to ... choose the right continent for your purposes, and then zoom to your area to see any errors or not.

(01 Oct '12, 09:09) stephan75

@JCsM Of course you can. Just move to your area and click on one of the bolt symbols, a popup should open explaining the error. There you can also directly open the corresponding area in Potlatch or JOSM to fix it. Afterwards you should mark the error as corrected in the popup so that other users don't try to fix it again.

There is also a video available and a detailed tutorial, the latter unfortunately only in German.

(01 Oct '12, 09:14) scai ♦

Thanks scai and stephan75.... Very informative

(01 Oct '12, 10:35) JCsM

thanks for so much usefull information, i didn't had any idea about this app to scan and correct errors.

(01 Oct '12, 11:40) Juan Facundo

Another tool to find routing problems, similar to keeplright is

(01 Oct '12, 11:53) Vincent de P... ♦

Thanks Vincent I will try that one too

(01 Oct '12, 23:02) JCsM
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