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Help, I cant save my work in P2. Has anyone any idea why Im getting messages like this, youre not allowed to save 2003 nodes its more then 2000 to way 28186248. Bu still I just changed two or three nodes. I dont get it.

asked 28 Sep '12, 22:13

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edited 09 Jun '13, 03:44

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If you ask a question like this, the please provide the exact error message. I doubt you were actually trying to edit the three node residential road in Chile that has ID 28186248.

(29 Sep '12, 00:29) cartinus

Too bad, then the system is really in trouble. I was working at the shore of the river Lek naer Nieuwpoort (NL) coordinates 4,86168 - 51,93319 and I believe thats not Chile. How is it possible ? Greetz Hendrik

(29 Sep '12, 11:44) Hendrikklaas

I wonder if it was perhaps way 68186248 which is part of relation 1074822, which has a fixme on it "Deze shape is te lang, loopt door in min. 1 volgend blad." ("This shape is too long, extends into at least one additional sheet.")

(29 Sep '12, 21:23) SomeoneElse ♦

It cost me quite some time, but after splitting relation 1074822 in three multipolygons, undeleting some landuse, removing a lot of duplicate groynes and "riverbank" plus merging a bunch of near duplicate nodes, everything renders again.

And yes, way 68186248 obviously was the one he tried to make too long.

(30 Sep '12, 21:09) cartinus

You are probably running in to the 2000 node per way limit, split the way and you will be fine.

The way ID you gave in your question is however obviously wrong, please correct. Further, when referring to a specific area of the map please always refer to a permalink, not just the coordinates.

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answered 29 Sep '12, 12:09

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Thanks, I didnt know there was a border, but I crossed it tagging riverbank nodes. And its driving you nuts, wondering where it came from.

(29 Sep '12, 14:50) Hendrikklaas

The save popups in P2 suggest that you save after short edits. I split riverbank polygons into small polygons, this is helpful when the bank get used again for parks,woods or other polygons and if they get broken as they are easier to fix then. Scrolling across several screen widths also requires more data to be downloaded as well, which you end up doing to get back to the start of the polygon.

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answered 29 Sep '12, 18:33

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andy mackey
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