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I maintain a set of data covering local bus routes. On the 18 November there is a complete network change. What I'd like to do is start making the changes now but for them only to be visible from 18th November - and likewise the existing data to turn off (so for example if a way which is an existing bus route changes that bus route number, I want the number to seamlessly change). I know I will have to edit each way - if only to get rid of the old route data - but is it possible to do this? Otherwise I'm going to be REALLY busy on the 18th!!!!

asked 28 Sep '12, 14:47

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There is no straightforward way for such a situation. Of course you can start right now and already create the new bus route relations and add all related streets and the necessary tags. But how to mark these relations as not yet valid?

  • According to the relation wiki page you can add the state=proposed tag. Does any tool handle this correctly? If not it's the tool's fault, but still annoying.
  • You could leave out important tags, for example the route tag so that the route won't get displayed anywhere. But then quality assurance tools will complain about the relation being invalid and other users may add the missing tags. Better add a note tag explaining the situation.
  • You could add a start_date=* but I also doubt any tool will handle this correctly.
  • You could create/update the relations now and upload them later, but this will most likely lead to painful conflicts as the underlaying data can change anytime.

I suggest using the state tag as it fits best and create bug reports for any tool which doesn't handle it correctly.

Also note that even if you update the routes on November 18th most tools will take some days or even weeks until the changes will appear. So you could also just wait and update the relations when you have time for it.

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answered 28 Sep '12, 16:01

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You could leave out important tags, for example the route tag so that the route won't get displayed anywhere. ... Better add a note tag explaining the situation.

I wouldn't leave out any tags, but incorporate the note into one of the tags of the relations. E.g. type=route + route=busline_after_nov_18_2012 Doing it this way, the route won't get displayed now AND it is very hard for other mappers to overlook the note. (I've seen many times that a mapper fixed a problem and left the note or FIXME tag about the problem on the object.)

(29 Sep '12, 00:10) cartinus

That's a nice idea, cartinus. Still you should nevertheless use the note and fixme tags as these are the tags most quality assurance tools will look for.

(29 Sep '12, 09:14) scai ♦

One can use JOSM to create/update the relations and save the edits to your local computer as an OSM change xml file. And then attempt to upload it later and sort out any conflicts... has notes about resolving conflicts.

I can't say I've had any experience with it so I don't know how easy/worthwhile to do changes in advance.

So there is a risk that any 'upfront' editing will be for nothing :(

Conflicts only arise on the version numbers of the objects changed, so for example if I add some POIs in the area that won't effect your work, but if someone changes the actual objects you've edited - such as roads (which doesn't happen too much in Portsmouth area these days) then a conflict will arise.

You can't use Potlatch2 to do this.

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answered 28 Sep '12, 16:50

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