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A rather large waterway through farmland has got some bridges. Youre allowed to tag and map all visible objects and tag them. Here the problem the bridges are marked as beiing fault, no way around, disconnected. What to do ? Dont map them or tag and map them but how ?

asked 23 Sep '12, 00:05

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Where are they "marked as being fault"?

(23 Sep '12, 09:50) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, if the bridges actually exist, and are permanent, then it is worth mapping them. Probably tagging them as highway=track or highway=path, plus bridge=yes and layer=1.

I'm not sure where you are seeing this marked as a fault? Some quality assurance tools like Keepright will highlight "floating islands", ie a highway that is not connected to the rest of the map. But this is not necessarily an error.

It is possible to have a bridge (or other path or track), which is not connected to any other highways. And if this is the case on the ground, then that is how it should be mapped, even if it is highlighted as an error. Note Keepright has an option to mark errors as a "false positive", which allows them to be ignored. Other tools may have similar options.

If there is some sort of path or track across the farmland to the bridges, then it is worth mapping that as well. But if there isn't, and people just go any route across the fields, then there is no path to map.

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answered 23 Sep '12, 02:55

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