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I have downloaded from and copied the relevant IMG file into the Garmin directory of the microsd card on my garmin nuvi 1350. I can see the map when I turn on the satnav but can't see how to actually use it for driving. If you know the address and the postcode of where you want to go, how do you enter this into the satnav? Currently if you press "Address" it just says "No map data available". I can navigate to a city via the other menu options. Are there other UK maps which do provide this data?

asked 22 Sep '12, 19:05

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Try another Garmin map, for example one from

(23 Sep '12, 16:44) scai ♦

I've been running the same and earlier version of that map for several weeks on a Garmin 2460LMT.

I've found it easiest to either create POIs in Basecamp or similar, or switch to Garmin map on the device, search then save, switch back to OSM. A bit tedious but works.

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answered 22 Sep '12, 19:36

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@fruit-uk, Ah, thanks. If you can't search even for street names that is a pain indeed.

(23 Sep '12, 11:33) Raphael

There are POI files available from cloudmade and no doubt others. I don't know how useful they might be, not tried them, but I imagine they would be searchable on a vehicle GPS.

Most of my driving I know where I'm going - and time is rarely an issue. I use the OSM maps in part to verify roads/routing and add speed limit data using OSMtracker alongside.

(23 Sep '12, 12:06) fruit-uk

@fruit-uk, Thanks. I can see that one could add POIs for all the places you commonly go to and it wouldn't be too bad. I don't understand why you can't search for street names though. I mean they are certainly in the database or you couldn't see them on the map.

(23 Sep '12, 16:02) Raphael

I'm no expert but I think it's probably to do with the way the map is built for use on Garmin and the parameters used. There may be maps available that are created with searching in mind.

There don't appear to be many specific UK maps linked from

(23 Sep '12, 16:17) fruit-uk

Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I have the exact same problem. I used maps from another provider and they work fine.

Not sure why the talkytoaster map says routable, when there is no address lookup. Anyway as said with talkytoster address lookup does not work on modern Garmin Nuvii. I have contacted talkytoaster and mentioned the problem. I don't know if he is aware or has the correct model of Garmin to reproduce the error.

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answered 15 Oct '13, 16:17

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I am not an expert on such things but routeable does not imply that address lookup will work, they are different.

In the past I have set up a 'favourite' or 'POI' using Garmin address search then the talkytoaster map will route accordingly with no problem.

(15 Oct '13, 16:37) fruit-uk

Try Tools/settings/map/info/then select and /or deselect the map.

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answered 22 Sep '12, 19:14

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andy mackey
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note there are a lot of postcodes unmapped so street names may be more successful

(22 Sep '12, 19:18) andy mackey

like you can only browse the map and set a point with my talkytoaster map.

(22 Sep '12, 19:29) andy mackey

@andy mackey, can you actually search for street names using the talkytoaster UK map? Which option do you use for that?

(23 Sep '12, 11:32) Raphael

you are right street names gives " no map data available " so only browsing seems to work

(23 Sep '12, 15:03) andy mackey

Right. Maybe I am missing something but just browsing the map on a satnav isn't really very helpful. I mean, one could just buy a map :) Unless there is some way of going to your destination in the map and then saying "directions to here".

(23 Sep '12, 16:04) Raphael

It's not great but if you poke the map it will create a point in "recently found" folder to "go" to.

(24 Sep '12, 08:34) andy mackey
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