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My problem: I have been mapping the parking lots on the University of Louisville campus (see: The university divides lots into colors - red/purple/blue, etc. The parking pass you buy determines which lots you can park in. I would like to indicate somehow which category each lot belongs to.

I have not found a way to tag parking lots in this way, and I'm not sure how to or if I should start adding this info. Would it be best to use a relation somehow?

asked 22 Sep '12, 05:18

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Are those parkings reserved for specific groups of people ? If so, one to do this might be access=students/staff/etc. The set of access values actually distinguished by renderers is small, but if parking access matches something commonly seen in taginfo, there's no reason not to tag it.

The second/complementary option is to simply tag "name=Blue car park". It makes semantic sense, and most renderers will use that.

Lastly, there's the obvious-sounding "colour=" tag (the "color" spelling variant is less used in osm). No existing renderer (that I know of) uses that for car parks (it's more commonly used for route relations), but you could set up your own renderer config to display color-coded car parks.

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answered 24 Sep '12, 12:21

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A couple additional ideas: access=blue_pass/red_pass/purple_pass, or access=private and a note about which pass is valid.

(24 Sep '12, 13:58) neuhausr

Hi, what do you want to see or show on the map, or do you need just a tag. If so consider amenity = parking with area = red or anything else for each separate lot. Or if the areas are separated by a longer way to the entrances, ad a distance instead of the color. But its only visible reading the map and the area doesnt colorize. Greetz Hendrik

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answered 22 Sep '12, 09:55

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area=red is not a good suggestion here, the area tag is already used for different things. Better use the ref tag instead.

(22 Sep '12, 12:21) scai ♦

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