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I'm trying to attach a photo to one node,

but in all the solutions I got they explain how to attach one route nodes to the pictures taken while doing that route, what I think is named georeferencing (like in this video). This is not what I mean.

What I'm really looking for is how to create a node in the map (in an area that I already know) and then attach one picture to that node, so in case someone click on it, the photo gets enlarged.

Does anybody have any idea?

Thank you all!

asked 25 Nov '10, 10:19

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OSM does not store photo data. One approach is to store photos on an external site like Flickr, then create a mashup view which combines both databases. An example is the "Wikipedia links" map, which has live links to Flickr photos: . Note that I don't believe the Flickr links on this map are updated, so any future Flickr uploads with OSM tags won't appear on this map. You would need to use something like OpenLayers and some sort of extra processing to create this sort of map. Note that the "Wikipedia Links" map example only runs on the FireFox browser.

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answered 25 Nov '10, 12:14

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Thanks Mike. I'll try it in that way. Sorry for my previous comment, I hadn´t seen Mike's reply.

(26 Nov '10, 07:32) Stackhouse

OSM does not store images in the database, and it probably never will. What you are linking to is a guide to photomapping witch is a technique for remembering details when mapping.

You might want to look at the project OpenStreetView witch might give you what you want.

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answered 25 Nov '10, 10:38

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Thanks Gnonthgol. This might help, it seems it has no a lot of options to manage with the pictures though, at least from the web site.

The whole thing I'm trying to do is setting some points in one map (lets say showed by little flags) and then when you click on the flag, get the picture taken in that location. It would be something similar to what they do in Google maps when you click in the balloons with letters.

If anybody have any idea about how to do it or how OpenStreetView could help, I would be grateful for the info.

Thanks in advance!

(25 Nov '10, 11:02) Stackhouse

You can use a tag with the image key to specify a link to a photo (or a page where also its license is mentioned …) of a mapped object. Please also see the (there) linked proposal and its talk page.

Note that this tag may not get used by many maps/applications (although surely some). See taginfo (note that there are many pages and that most images are likely uniquely used, so you have to skip many pages to see the mass of use).

If you would like to discuss a new project the proposal page (or a new one?), mailing list or forum would be good to use.

Maybe the wikipedia key is also interesting for you (could be more useful than just an image). Used, apparently, (also to show photos) by OpenLinkMap (unfortunately, does not use the image key).

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answered 10 Dec '13, 09:24

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