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In my MS-Windows application (which could embed a browser window) I wish to show a route across the UK and a point along this route.

Back ground info: 1: The application is a commercial tool that we develop for a third party 2: I am happy to convert the raw lat, long and time to any format 3: The route might be 500 miles along - including going over itself one or more times 4: I'd like to be able to draw a marker to represent the 'current' point 5: I'd like to be able to move/redraw the marker at another location as the user uses our application 6: This mapping feature might be used 50 times per 8 hour working day

What is the PROPER legal way I should proceed?

Many thanks

asked 20 Sep '12, 16:34

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It sounds like you want some sort of service to display a map background behind a route that you plot, and possibly calculate the route as well.

If so, it's worth taking a step back. OSM is essentially just lots and lots of data. It's possible to do all sorts of things with that data (e.g. calculate and display routes) but it's not something that you'll find hosted on the OSM website, although you will find a list of OSM-based services (some free to use, some not) in the wiki.

OSM's servers that render the tiles that you see on maps on the OSM site have a usage policy designed to prevent abuse, as does the API that can be used to extra map data on the file.

You can, of course, download the data (or an extract of it) and do what you want with it subject to the licence, such as serve your own map tiles.

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answered 21 Sep '12, 01:17

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