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For tracking I use OSM Tracker, and at some points I set -- monument here, playground over there.

Then I upload given trace to OSM (directly from OSM Tracker). And then I have a problem.

All of POIs in OSMT are displayed as star (popular icon for "favourite") without label. OSM editor on the other hand displays labels in such ways (here with road nearby):


great, but then:


Yep, the road covered the label and I am stuck what it was.

So the question is -- how to read POIs titles/labels?

asked 18 Sep '12, 21:16

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If you could make the trace public and post a link to it, we might be able to have a look at it and suggest what might be wrong.

(18 Sep '12, 22:10) SomeoneElse ♦

I answer my own question, because this might be useful -- I found how to get the labels. In OSM Tracker, after clicking on given trace, simply list waypoints. The list of labels will appear.

It is not productive, because now you have to track the sequence of them on your own ("do I look at the 5th or 6th waypoint on the map"), and you have to work with OSM and phone at the same time. But one good thing for sure is -- the labels, contrary to OSM, are big, and clear, so no problem with reading them.

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answered 18 Sep '12, 23:49

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If we take your "monument" as an example (which is here, I think), the POI is included in the trace as a waypoint called "monument".

I'm assuming that you want to create a node from that waypoint. In order to do that you'll need to:

  1. "alt-click" on the orange dot that is the waypoint in the trace - this turns it green.
  2. Click "advanced" (instead of "simple") at the bottom left so that you can edit the tags.
  3. Remove the tags that you don't want (definitely at least "sats" and "time", probably more)
  4. Add the tags that you do want (perhaps "historic=monument"?) and the correct name
  5. Move it to where it is relative to the other features on the map by dragging it with the mouse

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to mode a waypoint until you've unlocked it (turned it green), although it is possible to make orange waypoints clickable by clicking "background", "vector", "GPX" and ticking "select".

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answered 18 Sep '12, 23:10

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SomeoneElse ♦
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When I click alt+LMB, it is treated the same way as I clicked just LMB. I.e. the point does not turn green.

(18 Sep '12, 23:47) macias

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