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Is it within the remit of OSM to tag individual static caravans and if so how? In a lot of places there is sufficient satellite imagery to do so!

asked 18 Sep '12, 12:03

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Assuming they are fairly permanent, ie if they will be probably be in the same place for a number of years, then I think it is fine to map them in OSM.

As for tagging, I think they are a type of building, so can be tagged as such. Maybe something like building=static_caravan to specify what they are. If they have names or numbers, this can be tagged with addr:housename or addr:housenumber.

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answered 18 Sep '12, 13:54

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But how do you konw if caravans are static in aerial imagery ?

(18 Sep '12, 17:44) Pieren

If you have good aerial imagery it is often fairly clear. Static caravans are usually larger and squarer than a 'normal' caravan. eg in the UK, the legal length limit for towing with a normal car is 7 metres, so any caravan longer than that is probably static.

Plus static caravans are often arranged in neat rows, and lined up with roads or paved areas.

Though still a good idea to check and survey it where possible, to see what is actually there, and whether it has changed since the date of the aerial imagery.

(19 Sep '12, 02:12) Vclaw

Hi, The best way is the inventory made by yourself during a camping weekend. If you explain the purpose to the owner, you even might not need to pay for the overnight stay. Static caravans are recognisable by the surroundings build onto or next too them, still no garantee, it could be a seasonal place. Look for instance at the description of the campingsite is it a mix of short and long stayers ? Houseboats are tagged too and can be moved aswell ! People living in houseboats are also excellent builders of obstacles ashore so you need good arial photographs to recognize a non moving one. Greetz Hendrik

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answered 19 Sep '12, 15:14

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Hi, I've got to add a number of caravan sites to add to OSM and I'm wondering about this very question :)

Adding every individual caravan seems a bit excessive if you ask me

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answered 07 Nov '12, 13:43

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Adding every building in a city by hand would seem excessive to some people but it is impressive to me. Many caravans on a site will be the same size and shape, so drawing and tagging one in JOSM would then allow it to be copied and rotated over the imagery across the site, so perhaps not as big a task as it first seems.

(07 Nov '12, 13:49) ChrisH

Thanks a lot Chris I'll regard it as a learning exercise for getting aquainted with the OSM interface :)

(07 Nov '12, 14:08) CarlPotts

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