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I have added missing link of primary road. After saved, when I zoomed out, the new link disappear, the new link appear once I start to zoom in again.

asked 15 Sep '12, 20:00

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retagged 23 Sep '12, 07:09

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It's likely that the tiles at higher zoom levels just haven't been updated yet - there's a detailed description of what's happening here.

(15 Sep '12, 21:40) SomeoneElse ♦

Not all zoom levels are rendered instantly/simultaneously, so you just have to wait (and maybe also reload the page in your web browser to get the updated tile).

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answered 15 Sep '12, 20:07

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I did wait for an hour, still the the link appears only at zoom in and disappear as I zoom out. Thanks.

(15 Sep '12, 21:29) Moe2

I believe the new links I am adding is going to data layer and not to openstreetmap layer that is why the link disappears. How to make the links go to osm layer?

(15 Sep '12, 22:11) Moe2

moe2, please give us a permalink to that place so we can investigate about any error in tagging.

(15 Sep '12, 22:27) stephan75

These things seem ok, just something went wrong with rendering. Until everything is ok on data layer, don't worry about rendering. It will get rendered eventually. You may want to read to get an idea about road classifications in osm. Roads you have drawn seem to be something else than _link roads.

(15 Sep '12, 22:40) RM87

Hi, I need to add a small town to the map. I used potlatch2 to do that. I start few links, when I zoom out my new links disappear even I wait hours for it to render, anyone can help me please. Here is the area in question: Thanks.

(16 Sep '12, 13:19) Moe2
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I'm not sure why you're asking the same question repeatedly - gnurk's answer (wait a bit and it'll get rendered) is correct, as is my comment on the question (it's been asked before). If you follow the link in that comment it tells you exactly what's happening, and what to do if you don't want to wait a bit.

I just followed the advice in that link and marked the tiles at your link at a selection of zoom levels as dirty, and sure enough as expected they display just fine now.

One thought - if you'd like more help perhaps try asking on the #OSM IRC channel? That way you'd be able to ask people questions in real time, and we might be able to better understand what the issue is. If you've not used IRC before don't worry - on the wiki page there's a link just after it says "You can chat on the web" - just click that, choose a nickname and login.

Also - there seem to be a number of "duplicate ways" there without tags on them that look a bit wrong.

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answered 16 Sep '12, 17:04

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Related question, but my path disapear when zooming in, when using the Standard rendering in Just wait?

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answered 20 Nov '12, 23:12

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Yes. It's rendering now for me at all zoom levels.

(20 Nov '12, 23:14) SomeoneElse ♦

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