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I have noticed that the internal administrative boundary lines of Bosnia are unnecesarily thick. Especially, if one uses zoom 8 (see link below), the lines become nearly indistinguishable. This makes it very confusing for users, such as myself, to see the difference between the country's borders and the internal structure of the country.

I have tried to play around with the admin_level parameter of these border lines, but it didn't give me the wanted effect. Are these lines somehow centrally hardcoded by an OSM body? Preferably, the internal line thickness should be the same as those of the states in the US.

asked 14 Sep '12, 08:46

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I zoomed in here. The three boundary ways shown are all admin_level=4 which according to this table is the boundary of an entity (I confess I don't know what these are), which is the same admin_level used by the United States to mark states, so should be the same.

Where I have zoomed in, one of the three lines appears darker. I suspect this is because it is a member of two boundary relations, and the other two aren't in any. This probably also means the boundary relations aren't closed as they just end at this point.

Oh, in addition, at zoom 8 the tile hasn't been re-rendered since 4th September, so your changes won't yet be visible.

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answered 14 Sep '12, 09:12

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Thanks for the extremely quick reply :-), much appreciated, as opposed to Google Maps. Anyways, I did not know about the rendering, so I will just submit my changes and wait until the next re-rendering. Is there a schedule for when this happens or is it something that is decided on a case to case basis?

(14 Sep '12, 09:26) world_explorer

Regarding the numbers, they were all admin_level=3, and I have been only playing around with some of them to find out how to make the appropriate change, which means that all the admin_levels are not coherent. Since I know now that the changes were not applied due to the tile not being re-rendered, I will make the change to all of them and wait for the next update.

Is there a way, for instance in JOSM to preview how the changes will look on

Again, thanks for the very quick and relevant reply!

(14 Sep '12, 09:26) world_explorer

There are other questions on this site about how often things update, such as Generally it is a few minutes, but at this sort of zoom level it is less frequent. I did do the /dirty trick mentioned in the answer before my answer above, and it has since rerendered. If you can't see the thinner lines then you have the old tile still cached locally. The link "the tile" in my answer now shows today's date.

(14 Sep '12, 09:50) EdLoach ♦

Now I see that my changes are applied. I now need to make them coherent (will do that today).

What about the last question, is there a way to preview (in JOSM for instance) ones changes without the need for uploading them?


(14 Sep '12, 10:54) world_explorer

In JOSM the change is subtle; the width of the boundary way seems to depend on the admin_level on that way (rather than that on the relations it is a member of). I think Mapnik renders both the ways and the relations, so it is still important to have them consistent (the way should have the lowest valued admin_level of all the boundary relations it is a member of, so if it were a member of 2, 4, and 8 admin_level relations you would put 2 on the way).

(14 Sep '12, 11:09) EdLoach ♦

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