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Like a ruler in graphical editor.

asked 14 Sep '12, 07:49

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edited 14 Sep '12, 09:49

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What do you mean for "graphical editor"? Potlach, josm, merkaartor, …?

(14 Sep '12, 09:34) NicolasDumoulin

What do you mean for "graphical editor"? Potlach, josm, merkaartor, …? No i mean graphical editor like a GIMP.

I mean able to see the grid of meridians and latitudes on the map and the ability to set the step grid.

(14 Sep '12, 09:40) ilv12

Have a look at OpenStreetBrowser ... there you can aktivate a grid layer for lat/lon

or see the map display of geofabrik.de ... it also shows the values where the mousepointer is.

(Be aware that the rendered tiles of these two services and maybe others are not so recent like the main demo map on openstreetmap.org)

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answered 15 Sep '12, 14:41

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Thank you exactly what I need. ( OpenStreetBrowser )

(17 Sep '12, 06:42) ilv12

How to activate a grid layer in http://www.openstreetbrowser.org/ ? Not possible anymore? https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenStreetBrowser/Instructions says not available anymore...

(19 Jul '18, 02:51) jidanni

I also cannot see any grid option in OpenStreetBrowser.

If you want to use Google Maps then Map Maker has a grid lattice that changes with zoom.

(15 Mar '21, 17:40) RMcD

As SomeoneElse suggested, you can use the mouse position. It can be displayed with OpenLayers, like on osmose (bottom-right corner).

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answered 14 Sep '12, 13:10

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If you want to work on an image for printing the map with such a grid, maybe you may try to use a GIS tool like QGIS or marble (easier).

Otherwise, you will need to print this grid in the map tiles/image. For that, you can use mapnik and modify the style or try maperitive.

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answered 14 Sep '12, 09:44

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edited 14 Sep '12, 09:53

it is not for printing, it is for visual searching the point by meridian and latitude.

(14 Sep '12, 09:49) ilv12

Ok, so QGis or marble can be suitable

(14 Sep '12, 09:51) NicolasDumoulin

thanks a lot

(14 Sep '12, 11:15) ilv12

If you're asking about seeing lat/long while editing, then in Potlatch2 going into "options" and set "show mouse latitude / longitude".

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answered 14 Sep '12, 11:01

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SomeoneElse ♦
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not by editing, by simple online viewing

(14 Sep '12, 11:13) ilv12

In Potlatch2, when I choose "show mouse latitude / longitude" in "options", I only see the longitude.Actually,the box shows two lines. The top line contains only a minus sign, and the bottom line contains, for example, 122.333947. Perhaps because my longitude is a three-digit number, plus minus sign, is too wide for the display box? If so, it would be a nice update to widen the box a bit so I can see the latitude, as well as the longitude.

BTW, is this the correct forum to post bug reports? I could find no other...

Or is there a specific Potlatch2 forum. I'd be happy to post my issue there, if so.


(24 Sep '12, 07:40) rbooth

Yes - that sounds like a bug. Potlatch2 bugs can be logged in trac (that link's a list of the current Potlatch2 ones). Login with your normal OSM login there, check someone hasn't already reported it and create a new ticket there. There is also a mailing list, and new bug reports get posted there too.

(24 Sep '12, 09:21) SomeoneElse ♦
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