NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum I had changed the name of the road yesterday from Chappel Hill road to Sherman Avenue. I saw several mails today and last one said closed. However when I go to and zoom in (I believe the above is the permlink shortlink taht was requested erlier) I still see the lower part of the road callled Chapel hill road and the upper as Sherman Ave. However if I click on the Edit and choose Potlatch2 it shows the entire road as Sherman Ave as it did yesterday also. How can I change so entire road will display as Sherman Ave?

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One more thought - you're probably wondering "why did my previous question get closed, when I didn't understand the answer"? The reason is that there's an attempt on to try and avoid duplicate questions with duplicate answers, but instead to have one "best" version of a particular question with the best answer on it (so that you can immediately find an answer, and not need to ask the question at all!). The answer that Andy Allan gave here explains it in a bit more detail.

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The answer to the previous question included a link to this question and answer, which explains it, specifically where the answer says:

If you suspect that the tile was not correctly expired, there is a way to manually overwrite this expiry mechanism by appending a /dirty to the url which will append the tile to the back of the rendering queue. However, in nearly all cases this should not be necessary.

So if you follow your link, right click on the tile that you want to dirty, you'll get a URL like

If you append /dirty to that you get

and you'll get a message "Tile submitted for rendering".

You can also do

to see what the current status is.

You'll also notice that that particular tile already displays "Sherman Avenue" because I've dirtied it manually while answering this question.

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