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Given the announcement that we can use Microsoft's aerial imagery (see Steve Coast's blog and the Official Microsoft blog) in the same we we use Yahoo's aerial imagery: how can I use this imagery in Potlatch?

(Preferably the current version, or alternatively it could provide an incentive to go try Potlatch 2.)

asked 23 Nov '10, 17:50

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You can now use Bing aerial imagery in Potlatch 2 by selecting 'Bing' from the Background menu at the top left. There are Dim and Sharpen options to help you work with the imagery. You can also assign a 'hotkey' to the imagery by using the 'Edit...' link at the bottom of the menu.

Note that you shouldn't assume the imagery is perfectly aligned with the ground. It's always best to double-check against another source, ideally a number of GPS tracks. You can drag the imagery around in Potlatch by holding space and dragging the mouse.

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answered 23 Nov '10, 17:54

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Potlatch 2 now has support for Bing as a backdrop Hover your mouse over the Edit button for the option to use Potlatch 2.

Please tag edits with source=Bing.

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answered 30 Nov '10, 17:52

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Once in Potlatch 2, click "Background" and choose "Bing".

Also worth nothing the terms of use are here: http://opengeodata.org/microsoft-imagery-details

(02 Dec '10, 23:48) Firefishy ♦♦

You can't yet - the legal details need to be sorted out.

Once that is done appropriate instructions will be made available.

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answered 23 Nov '10, 17:54

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How can I use Bing in Potlatch 1 ?

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answered 21 Dec '10, 13:42

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This would be better asked as a separate question.

(21 Dec '10, 13:53) TomH ♦♦

I've also deleted comments about JOSM which should similarly be asked as a separate question.

(23 Dec '10, 11:22) Richard ♦
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