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While importing an area these is a restriction on the number of nodes. Not the all nodes are equally necessary for any specific mapping. By using ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetmap, it is both so huge to load osm and so difficult to manage the complexity of datas.

Is there any way to extract map by sellecting different the layers?

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There is no concept of predefined layers within OpenStreetMap.

However, you can get for example the street grid related objects with a query like[highway](bbox);way[highway](bbox););(._;<;>;);out meta;&bbox=7.0,50.6,7.3,50.8

This is only one forth of the total data in this region. The region is specified with the bounding box


where 7.0 is the western border in degrees of longitude east (degrees of longitude west by negative values), 50.6 (degrees of latitude north) is the southern border, 7.3 is the eastern border and 50.8 the northern border.

If you want to download much larger areas, it will take much mor time. In this case you must tell the server that you expect a large download by providing the maximum timeout in seconds:[timeout:900];(node[highway](bbox);way[highway](bbox););(._;<;>;);out meta;&bbox=7.0,50.6,7.3,50.8

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answered 12 Sep '12, 08:53

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This is great for viewing, but dangerous for editing. For example, the data you downloaded may be sharing nodes non-dowloaded data. Since OSM data is pretty much free-form, there is no garantee that a given area respects "reasonable constraints". So please do not work with partial data if you intend to contribute back to OSM.

(12 Sep '12, 11:54) Vincent de P... ♦

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