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  1. I want to generate maps in TileMill which look identical to the format produced by with the Standard setting. Where can I find the relevant config files?
  2. Is it sufficient to replace the following files base.mss, labels.mss, palette.mss, project.mml and roads.mss, in my project folder to get the style I need?

I'm running TileMill on Ubuntu 12.04. I downloaded the OSM data for Spain and imported it into a Postgre database. All of this is running perfectly, my question is just about how to get the style used on the website.

asked 07 Sep '12, 07:42

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I've resurrected and re-answered this question because it may still come up in response to searches. The original answer was correct at the time but has been overtaken by events.

(20 Nov '13, 22:08) SomeoneElse ♦

TileMill uses CartoCSS as a styling language, but the actual Standard style is written in Mapnik XML and thus can't be used in TileMill directly. It is technically be possible to create a TileMill project that closely approximates the standard style, but as far as I know no one has created such a thing.

If you want tiles that look exactly like or very similar to those on, it may be easiest to use something like with the standard Mapnik style. Otherwise you should see if playing around with the colours and style of the OSM Bright template (which it sounds like you already have set up?) to get close to what you want.

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answered 07 Sep '12, 08:30

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OpenStreetMap uses a CartoCSS-based stylesheet since August 2013: openstreetmap-carto. So you can load that directly into TileMill directly. You can then edit it as you wish, export a .xml stylesheet from TileMill, and use that with your main renderer.

If the machine that you use for rendering isn't the same as the one that you have TileMill installed you may need to check for renderd errors in its logfile (missing fonts, file paths not qualified, etc.) after transferring the stylesheet - files exported by TileMill may refer to components of the original TileMill project, and in turn (at least with OSMBright, but not with openstreetmap-carto) there may be references to TileMill's download cache.

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answered 20 Nov '13, 22:06

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