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Does OSM edits also updates the map of mapFactor Navigator 11?

Where can i possibly find the update if this is true, and do updates come every month?


asked 06 Sep '12, 04:03

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Mapfactor updates are NOT working - Is there a Rep Here to Contact?

(20 May '13, 09:19) Hwy101

What is the answer when you have asked at mapfactor's own forum?

What is the answer if you write an email to info at mapfactor com like it is listed on their website at "contacts" ?

(22 May '13, 16:07) stephan75

Great - I did check with Mapfactor -nothing yet. And, NO mention of 12 or where to Find It! Frustrating to have a Updating program that does NOT down load the Latest Program and Install it. That is the purpose of Updating.

(23 May '13, 00:38) Hwy101

Mapfactor is an independent company and it is up to them how often they update their maps from the OpenStreetMap source. However, as far as I know, they typically try and release new updates once per month, from the first weekly planet file of the month.

As the process of converting OSMs raw data into their optimized format for routing, appears to be quite complex and resource intense and they do some additional manual validation, there appears to be an additional lag of a couple of weeks from the release date of the planet file by OSM. Furthermore, as they appear to be constantly trying to improve their conversion process to support more of OSMs tagging, the process occasionally seems to fail. But usually with a time delay of about 1 - 2 months, all the data in OSM should appear in Mapfactor navigator free.

You mentioned explicitly version 11. Again, I am not sure and you should indeed contact mapfactor in their forum where they are generally fairly responsive, but I think they might have discontinued map updates for version 11, and you have to use their newer software version 12.

After the license change (last summer) and the issues it caused for routing applications, they suspended their monthly updates for a while. As countries were differently effected and also the speed at which the issues were fixed was rather different, there was no one good time to re-enable updates and so they let the users decide if they wanted the old pre license change maps, or the new updated ones. I think mapfactor version 11 stayed on pre-license change maps and version 12 started using the up-to-date maps.

I might be entirely mistaken on this though, so the best thing is to check up with mapfactor.

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answered 22 May '13, 23:42

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For reference, the information about the license change and that Mapfactor 11 won't get updates anymore after July 2012 is at MapFactor Navigator Free was released in November 2012 and you should get it as normal through their website, if you download their setup utility for windows.

(23 May '13, 03:01) apmon

Ask the guys from mapfactor company. They have to schedule when they download fresh raw OSM data to convert it to Mapfactor maps ... this process may take several days or more.

They have also a forum to ask ... I assume maps are refreshed theer once in a month.

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answered 06 Sep '12, 06:06

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