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I've found a large major building that for some unknown reason was mapped out as two separate structures with space between them, even though it is definitely one continuous building. Is there any way for me to join these, or is my only option to delete one of the buildings and redraw it as an extension of the other building?

asked 05 Sep '12, 17:48

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It is possible in Potlatch2. the scissor tool will cut the wall in two places so that you can highlight the bit to delete you will have to do this twice. then drag a node and join it to the other half, you will have to do that twice of course, you should end up with one building, If you mess up just don't save it.

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answered 05 Sep '12, 19:15

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andy mackey
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Before joining the building you should try to clarify if another mapper has a reason to separate the buildings. You can for example look into the history and contact the other mapper.

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answered 06 Sep '12, 07:10

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The building in question was an airport. I assume it was drawn in two parts because there's a tarmac-level separation where luggage carriers can drive underneath as a shortcut, but that doesn't make it two separate buildings. It is one building when seen from above, and it is one continuous building for the thousands of passengers who walk seamlessly between the two areas every day without having any clue that there's a 10ft wide "tunnel" beneath them.

(06 Sep '12, 18:47) gopanthers

I have just tried joining two buildings using my first answer and it is awkward. It is probably easier the drag one half of the building away, so you still save the tagging. Then drag the nodes of single building to cover the area of both, shift click will create nodes in the ways (sides) if required. Clicking on the moved shape then back to new shape will if you press "r" will copy the tags to it. You can then delete the old moved building but Note the building may have been drawn as two as it as two separate tags or names or even companies using it so check this first..If so just move them closer together. Turning off bing some times helps to see lines clearer.

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answered 05 Sep '12, 20:53

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andy mackey
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edited 05 Sep '12, 20:56

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