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Take for instance this crematorium.

Would it be considered acceptable to add addr:street=Bassett Green Road and addr:postcode=SO16 3QB based on the official website?

I am mindful of the fact I we must not add any data to OSM based on copyrighted maps (including any that appear on the websites of POIs) - but this isn't location data - in fact thing like the "official address" can come only from the institution, whether that be from a paper letter, a sign on the site, or the website?

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Good question as I am doing this ever since.

(29 Nov '10, 19:00) REALpr0wl


You are right in that you must not add data from other copyright holders, including address databases. So for example addresses from a phone book would not be ok.

However single addresses can be considered common knowledge and is therefore not copyrightable. So this kind of information is probably ok to add to OSM. Be carefull not to add data from larger collections as they can not be considered common knowledge.

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answered 29 Nov '10, 20:51

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I would add that I don't see much of a difference in checking a company's/organization's website for their address and calling them or asking them during survey. .. That is, from the point of view of whether that data can (/should/may) be added to the db or not. Now, from an accuracy point of view you may get better data by asking from a human.

(20 Apr '12, 19:28) jaakkoh

Also, I'm pretty sure an address is ineligible for copyright as they are not creative works (but a database which took a considerable effort to compile is considered a creative work). Anyone know different? Update: Found this too: I know it's for the US but I think international copyright law is similar in this. Update 2: Update 3:

(09 Aug '13, 23:16) John_P

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