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Is there a reasonably good way to tag schoolgrounds that also are public parks? While school grounds sre (as I understand it) not commonly publicly accessible in Europe, in North America it is a relatively common occurrence for a school playground to be a publicly accessible park at the same time (In Quebec, there is an official term for it: parc-├ęcole, i.e. "park-school"/"school-park"), I fact I grew up near one, but I am very much not happy with the tagging.... It would be a weird mix of amenity and leisure tags...

Any suggestions?

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(24 Nov '12, 22:46) nicolas17

If the school is only one building inside the park, you can make a polygon leisure=park and tag the school only on the building.

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answered 03 Sep '12, 20:44

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One thing to consider is who cares for the grounds (that is, is it the school district's responsibility, or the parks department?).

If the school district maintains the entire grounds, then I'd tag a school boundary for the whole area.

If the school district property abuts the park property, then I'd create the school/park boundary where that line exists. That likely will not be an on-the-ground marking, though. I often get general boundaries like this from the local school district or city park maps.

Regardless, I'd agree to follow the advice in and tag things within the park and/or school boundary (for example, the playground, recreation_ground, building, parking, etc.) separately.

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answered 26 Nov '12, 18:02

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Hi, There has been a question that loooks like yours, sometime ago at this platform. The question was how to tag the playgrounds around a school. Just scroll down. Greetz

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answered 03 Sep '12, 21:31

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