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Prompted by the OSM Inspector, I tried to correct a fault shown as 'single node in way'. One of the building corner nodes at the centre of this view ( was shown as an intersection, so I split it, dragged one of the nodes away, and deleted it. The remaining node is still where it should be at the corner of the building, but Potlatch2 shows it as a red ring rather than as a filled circle. The node is now node 1895396700, and Potlatch considers that I created it. What have I done, and how do I put it right? I suppose that the obvious answer is to delete the node and create another one in the same place, but I would like to know what Potlatch is really trying to tell me.

asked 03 Sep '12, 19:10

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It's a "dupe node" (duplicate) - two nodes in exactly the same location. One of them, I'm guessing, is the single-node way.

P2 doesn't show single-node ways so there's no easy way to delete it. However, you can do it this way:

  1. Control-drag (or command-drag on a Mac) to select the area including the two ways.
  2. Control-click the house to remove it from the selection
  3. Click the 'delete' icon in the toolbox

That should do the trick.

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answered 03 Sep '12, 19:52

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Thanks, that worked. I found that the same effect could be achieved by selecting the duplicate node and pressing J to join the two nodes. However, it was necessary to press J twice. I have a slight suspicion that there may have been three nodes at that location.

(03 Sep '12, 21:43) Madryn

if you unjoin (press J) a crossing, all ways get unjoined from each other. After moving/deleting the one node, the others must be rejoined again.

In the case you describe, the more easy way is to select a way, from there select the node in question (the intersection) and press minus (-). Then the node gets deleted only from the selected way, the rest stays intact.

(04 Sep '12, 07:25) moszkva ter

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