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Is it possible to add a 'highway = traffic_signals' tag at any point on a road, or is it only permissible at junctions?

I want to map a point where a minor road crosses the railway on a single-track bridge, with access to the bridge controlled by traffic signals.

asked 02 Sep '12, 20:42

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Yes, what you describe is absolutely fine. Just use a node on either side of the bridge and tag as highway=traffic_signals

I'd probably avoid using the exact same node where the way is split for the start/end of the bridge.. I can't say why, but I just think its better practice not to join bridge ends to other things. Therefore your signals will be either on the bridge, or off the bridge - whatever reflects reality!

Other examples I can think of where a traffic signal node is not used at a junction would be simple pedestrian-only traffic signals, or those used on approach to an opening bridge (e.g. a draw bridge).


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answered 03 Sep '12, 05:08

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Hi, as long as the signs have anything to do with the traffic movements on the road tag it. Make them the same way as used at the junction and tag the extra specifications. Greetz

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answered 03 Sep '12, 00:22

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