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I want only to extract the statistics, like the number of POI`s, buildings, for a specific city from a weekly planet dump, or somewhere.

So i can show to the users of that city, Bucharest in my example, how the map is evolving from week to week, and make a interactive chart

asked 02 Sep '12, 13:15

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Badita Florin
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I see that in nominatim you can select like this.

Maybe this would help in a way

(02 Sep '12, 13:25) Badita Florin

If it is a small area you can use Overpass API to directly get all POIs you are interested in inside a given bounding box.

Please type

  <area-query ref="3600377733"/>
  <recurse type="up"/>


This gives you exactly the OSM elements within the city border of Bucharest.

For a larger area consider using a planet extract. Afterwards you could use a combination of osmconvert and osmfilter to filter out the interesting data and finally do you calculations.

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answered 03 Sep '12, 18:19

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scai ♦
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Roland Olbricht


Given that a PBF for the whole of Romania is only 71Mb, I'd suggest that Overpass is the way to go.

(03 Sep '12, 22:03) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you very much, i did this and get a 21 mb file called


Without a extension

I will google for what to to with this or if i did something wrong

(14 Sep '12, 14:14) Badita Florin

On the "save" dialog it will probably have said what it was - an XML file (at least, that's what Firefox told me).

To see how many buildings are in there you can do something like:

grep 'k="building"' interpreter | wc
   14425    43281   462468

Similarly for other tags and values.

If you're on Windows and don't have GNU Utilities such as "grep" there try this.

(14 Sep '12, 16:29) SomeoneElse ♦

Btw: 3600377733 = 3600000000 + ID of the Bucharest relation

(16 Jun '14, 18:57) simon04

I am not an expert about that, but you should try to import the raw weekly or daily diffed planet data into a database and then do a database query about special elements.

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answered 02 Sep '12, 19:25

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