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My name is Denis. I work developer. I want to ask, do you have service, which return photos from street view, when I know address (example: "Nesvegen 445, 1514 Moss"). I want to use it on web site.

asked 31 Aug '12, 16:33

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Assuming that you're talking about a link to an open service that provides street-level photography, then there isn't an "official" OSM service that does that.

People have suggested such things in the past (see here for example) but I'm not aware of any that have actually taken off. If you're after a fully-formed service that you can deploy, then you're probably out of luck. If you're interested in developing something, it's probably worth searching through the OSM wiki to see what's already there and adapting / collaborating. It might also be worth asking about video mapping.

(I'm assuming that you're not asking about Google Streetview because (a) you don't mention Google in the question and (b) you're asking here and not at Google Help).

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answered 01 Sep '12, 11:17

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This german property website might be a useful example: http://karte.immobilien-kompass.de/wohnen

It's an example of using OpenStreetMap tiles but with the google maps API (see Google Maps Example for others) In this case the little yellow man is enabled, revealing google StreetView in the panel beneath.

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answered 02 Sep '12, 16:32

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Harry Wood
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There is no link to Google Street View on this the openstreetmap site. We must not use it as a source of information as it would offend copyright. pleas read this. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Copyright

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answered 31 Aug '12, 22:35

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