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I have successfully used JOSM in the past to add mountain bike tracks, and they appeared in the OpenMTB maps shortly afterwards. I couple of weeks ago, I again used JOSM to add many bush tracks, and kept checking the Open Street Map Australia Garmin downloads for my changes - and they don't appear. Today I checked in the main OSM map on the website - and they aren't there either (which probably explains why they don't appear in the OSMAustralian download!).

I can go back in and download the area in JOSM and the additions are all there (eg Pike Rd through node 1870995314 (-32.3367082, 116.6151338))

What can be going wrong ?


asked 31 Aug '12, 06:00

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Pike rd misses a highway tag, without it it won't get rendered. Also note that you shouldn't use abbreviations in the name tag (or anywhere else).

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answered 31 Aug '12, 06:18

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ah, thanks for such a quick response. So does every track need a highway tag? Thanks for the note about abbreviations - I will fix.


(31 Aug '12, 06:21) Ian

Yes, every type of road needs a highway tag. Just drawing a way can have many different meanings, from building outlines over rivers up to country borders. So you have to add tags describing what type of way it is.

(31 Aug '12, 07:28) scai ♦

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