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What kind of code is suitable for a road that sinks in a long construction - 2,00 m under a road with a viaduct, thats + 2,00 m above level ? The road construction - 2 has no roof, its just a long open box.

asked 29 Aug '12, 20:32

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The lower road gets the tag cutting=yes for the sunken part.

The higher road gets the tag embankment=yes for the raised part (if it is raised on something closed and not on pillars). Except for the viaduct, which gets the usual tags of bridge=yes + layer=1.

Note: The embankment and cutting tags are usually only applied on longer raised / lowered sections of road. So not every ramp up a bridge / down a tunnel gets them.

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answered 29 Aug '12, 21:04

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according this ground level is layer=0 so maybe for this example you should use layer=1 and layer=-1

(29 Aug '12, 23:24) andy mackey

"ground level is layer=0" is a case of the typical wiki fiddling that makes the OSM wiki so unreliable. The layer tag is used to give the relative position of map objects. Often people use 0 for the ground level. However large parts of the world are not flat and thus have no obvious ground level. Therefor it is impossible to make this a hard rule. Combine that with the fact that we usually try to model things with the least amount of tags necessary. So if two ways cross, then only one needs a layer tag.

(29 Aug '12, 23:40) cartinus

Isnt groundlevel just what it is, groundlevel or earth ? Anything thats higher then that gets +1 or lower -1. No tricks played. And ofcourse if you start measuring its a different matter, but most of us will not go for so much a trouble.

(30 Aug '12, 01:25) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklaas No, as already correctly explained by cartinus the layer tag only specifies the relative position to other objects, nothing more.

(30 Aug '12, 07:12) scai ♦

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