It's 8/28/2012 and I can't view the website even when I sign in. Is the website down or under construction?

asked 28 Aug '12, 23:23

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Works for me (even with the site misspelt as you have), and also for the canonical test.

Is it still not working for you?

(29 Aug '12, 00:02) SomeoneElse ♦

I'm having trouble too. I can get in through the Potlatch 2 editor, although the "Editor" tab is grayed out. But the "View" tab brings up an empty window.

(29 Aug '12, 00:13) DavidJDBA

I just get an empty window too? Been like that since yesterday

(29 Aug '12, 06:23) chrisccarto

Same problems here also: no map-view, only via greyed out Potlatch 2 editor tab! ???, Gerry

(29 Aug '12, 09:11) gerrylet

I've got exactly the same issue; started earlier this week. I was wondering if it coincided with upgrading to Firefox 15, although I also have the same issue with Chrome & IE on 64-bit Win7, so it seems unlikely that it's related to FF15 upgrade.

(31 Aug '12, 05:08) Conor Boyd

This was actually a javascript error that was stopping any page from loading fully in IE 8 and lower. It should be fixed now.

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answered 29 Aug '12, 09:38

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TomH ♦♦
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It works now fine again - many thanks! Gerry

(29 Aug '12, 11:48) gerrylet

Works for me now, too. Thanks! --Dave

(29 Aug '12, 14:00) DavidJDBA

From your description it sounds like you can get to the website fine but you aren't getting map tiles. Map tiles come from a different server than the website so it is not the same thing. According to system monitoring, map tiles are still being served up fine by the tile server in usual quantities so I don't think anything major is broken. It is possible that the caching server you are being sent to by geoDNS is having problems. That would affect more people than just you but not everyone.

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answered 29 Aug '12, 00:47

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If you are still having problems, please post the IP address that you get back when you look up If there is some kind of problem this could help find it.

(29 Aug '12, 09:01) ToeBee
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