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I intend to create a calendar with photos of extraordinary buildings in Germany and neighboring countries. I intend to sell some 30 copies of the calendar for a cost-covering price. I want to use OSM tiles as unobtrusive background. Here is an ugly concept image of one calendar page.

I have read the Legal FAQ and the Common License Interpretations. I think it would be "collective work". Am I correct?

Would it suffice to add "(c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA" on each page? Perhaps as a watermark of the background. Is there something else I should worry about?

asked 28 Aug '12, 21:52

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When it comes to legal issues, it's hard to give a definitive answer - ultimately, you won't be sure until this exact question has been answered by a court (and maybe not even then). Thus, all I can offer is my own interpretation:

Personally, I'm pretty sure that providing attribution would be your only legal requirement in this use case. It would be reasonable to consider your calendar pages a Collective Work.

There are no exact guidelines for placing attribution. Putting it on each page is a pretty safe choice, that might even be more than actually necessary.

Finally, pay attention to when you create these background maps. If you do so after the ongoing license change process has finished, the attribution text will look a bit different.

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answered 30 Aug '12, 02:59

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There have already been similar questions about that use case here.

Do a search for keywords like sell, book, commercial ... on this site with the built-in search function.

There are too many results to list each of them. Hope this helps.

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answered 29 Aug '12, 16:52

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