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I've been making lots of edits in OSM. A few times i've received a message that something wasn't in order and I had to fix it - which I then did.

But my last edits were simply removed without any notice, comment or message or anything - and I am not satisfied!

So what can I do ? - Is there some way I don't know to review why edits are deleted ? I tried viewing my list of edits, but I couldn't see which edits were deleted - and no comments either on why (Well, thats obvious I guess) - Is there some coordinator for my area whom I can ask - it's the Greater Copenhagen area, Denmark - Am I missing some general notification like "Oh, sorry - the servers crashed and we had to use 4 months old backups" or "due to some system errors all edits from july 2012 have been rolled back" or something similar

Best regards, Hans Olav

asked 28 Aug '12, 17:28

Hans%20O%20Nymand's gravatar image

Hans O Nymand
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Roger that,

I am not fully able to decipher the listings, but there are two changesets from me (and as mentioned also from other users which I can't identify)

The changesets in question are: #12798097 and #12798097

Those changesets include adding some paths (which are still there) and removing or changing some roads, and it's the deletions/reductions which seem to be removed.

The case is: The road "Skinderskovvej", 2730 Herlev, Denmark is now a closed road, while the neighboruing road "Krebsdammen" has been made longer.

Best regards, Hans Olav

(28 Aug '12, 18:00) Hans O Nymand


I've indentified the involved users: me, Leif Lodahl and millidk.

I've written them a message.

We'll see what happens.

But regardless of what one might see from the logs the following is clear: Some changes deletions made by me have been reverted, while my additions are still in place. Some additions made by milidk have been reverted as well.

Hans Olav

(28 Aug '12, 19:23) Hans O Nymand

Are you able to refer to one of your changesets and perhaps even an example node or way inside that changeset, so we can try and work out what has happened since? I've checked a few at random and while some items have been edited since you edited them, I can't yet find items that have been deleted.

I am assuming also that you are aware of the licence change process which might have removed items added by users that haven't accepted the new licence; if you edited those then it would be their edits that were removed (last month now), along with later edits which may have included yours.

Edit after clarification post:

Looking at the example changesets you mention, and the ways that are listed there, you seem to be the last editor for most of them. In a couple of cases they have been edited further by other users, and in one case an under construction road was deleted in the same set as the completed road was added. See for example this way - and this way (I'm not sure exactly why the construction=yes tag wasn't just removed).

So I can't really see anything that has been deleted which you shouldn't still be able to see on the maps. You aren't viewing old cached tiles which don't include your changes by any chance? Perhaps see this question

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answered 28 Aug '12, 17:46

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EdLoach ♦
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edited 28 Aug '12, 18:34

Definitions first: changesets aren't "deleted" but rather "reverted". The difference is that somebody made a changeset of his own that does the opposite of yours (deleting a way if you added it, reverting a tag to its former value, etc), for your whole changeset or maybe just for a part of it. Your own changeset isn't actually affected, that's why there is no information displayed in your changesets lists.

Chances are that if somebody has reverted your changesets before and saw the same kind of problem "once again", he just got fed up and reverted this one without sending the customary notification message. Check the changesets of that person to see if that's the case. If it isn't this person who reverted your changeset, try finding who did by using ITO mapper (there are other similar tools, please edit this answer if you know of better easy ones).

Once you know who did the revert, contact him to see what the problem is. If you cannot reach an agreement together on the proper way to map things, come back here to get the community's opinion.

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answered 28 Aug '12, 18:24

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Hi there,

Problem is beeing solved now, thank you for your assistance in learning me how to detective OSM changesets.

One other user acknowledged his mistake, and the reverted changes are getting back now :-)

Hans Olav

(28 Aug '12, 21:12) Hans O Nymand

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