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Take a look here: there is a path there with a route attached to it (it is just an example for this question).

In every case like this the path is rendered according to the traffic allowed there. However there is no indication if there is any route -- the difference is, that I can ride a bicycle anywhere where bicycle is allowed, but only on route I will see route signs (I mean, in real world).

So displaying some walk/bicycle sign over the actual route (in OSM this time) would be useful.

QUESTION: how to show walk/cycle routes "indicators" (bolder lines, signs, anything)?

asked 26 Aug '12, 15:38

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You just have to look at the right website e.g. Waymarked Trails.

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answered 26 Aug '12, 15:44

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Ah, this is great. Thank you very much. I don't want to stretch your help, but is there a way to show both kinds at the same time (walk+cycle)? Just with different markers of course.

(26 Aug '12, 15:50) macias

I don't know of a map that shows them at the same time. But if you click on one of the four icons in the top right corner above the map at Waymarked Trails, then you can switch between hiking, cycling, mountain biking and inline skating. The map will stay centered (and zoomed) at the same place.

The "routes" link at the bottom right corner gives more detailed info about the routes currently displayed.

(26 Aug '12, 15:55) cartinus

This is how this kind of routes is mapped.
To see the routes on a map:
1. pay attention to the key osmc:symbol mentioned there
2. have a look at the route at maps showing them like or
(more specialised maps maps you can find here).


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answered 26 Aug '12, 15:48

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Thank you! Especially for the last link, very useful.

(26 Aug '12, 16:35) macias

Hi Macias, There a lot of routes tagged in OSM. There tagged as a multipolygon and each track is part of the route. As soon as you marked it this way youll see a special line attached to your work and in advanced at relation the values of the route. This is the place where youll have to sign in multipolygone, choose new the first time, remember the number thats displayed and at that to the next section of the route. Keep mapping Hendrik

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answered 26 Aug '12, 15:48

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Errm, honestly I didn't understand your answer, it seems you are referring to editing stage, and I am asking about viewing. Thank you for your help, Cartinus and Malenki provided enough ways to see those routes, so the problem is solved now.

(26 Aug '12, 16:38) macias

Hi Macias, Correct, sorry Greetz Hendrik

(26 Aug '12, 19:38) Hendrikklaas

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