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Hello everybody, the German city Coburg needs help - I don't want to do it myself because I'm not sure what to do and I don't want to destroy anything. ;)

Coburg is shown in the search as a city in Thüringen, which is not right. Coburg is in Bavaria.

Can you help, please? :)

Kind regards, Adina

asked 24 Aug '12, 13:58

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"in Bavaria" is not precise enough. It's here on the map :

(24 Aug '12, 14:16) NicolasDumoulin

Yes, that's right. But why is it shown as "Coburg, Thüringen, Germany"? Is it because of wrong defined borders?

(24 Aug '12, 14:27) AdinaB

You can ask Nominatim (our current search engine) directly why it thinks Coburg is in Thuringia by using its web-based search function and clicking on a search result's details. In your case it is because of this node.

Nominatim uses both nodes and borders (ways) for its address search. But nodes aren't really suitable for larger objects as you can see in this case very clearly because they don't define a boundary, just some kind of center.

I wonder whether this node provides any useful information at all or if we should just remove it.

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answered 24 Aug '12, 14:33

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Thank you, now I understand the problem. I lack the experience in mapping. What do you others think is the best solution?

(24 Aug '12, 14:45) AdinaB

It used the Thuringia node because the Bavaria boundary was broken near the Czech border. A helpful mapper has already fixed that and I've given Nominatim a friendly nudge now so that it picks the change up.

(25 Aug '12, 08:05) lonvia

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