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Hi, i'm new on this site and i'm not expert in using OpenStreetMap, so please sorry if my question is too simple. I've downloaded yet maps in OSM format and i have to charge them in my mobile phone using We-Travel navigation software (Java based). What is the right format to use and what is the right procedure to dowload it in We-Travel. Thanks, Donato.

asked 15 Nov '10, 09:20

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Normaly all information about the use of OSM maps in We-Travel should be described at their website. But it seems that this site is not available in the past few days.

When information there is available again, i will post more detailed information about your question ...

UPDATE on 2010-12-29: new website is

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answered 16 Nov '10, 17:32

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We have a wiki page about We Travel.

I suppose since the website,, is currently down, their app data servers may also be down, and this may be causing you difficulties using the app. It may be that there is no procedure to download and convert data from OSM. Maybe the app does that automatically (when their servers are working) I'm just guessing really. Never used it myself.

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answered 06 Dec '10, 01:33

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