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Hi, I'd like to use OSM database with some additional not open-licensed data - is this possible without licensing the data as open? Will it be the same situation after transition of OSM to Odbl?
My client wants custom markers to appear on the map in his application, while keeping database of the markers not public and not open-licensed - I've spent some time studying the legal wiki, but not sure if that thing is actually possible.
Also it looks like some OSM-based services are keeping their data separated from the OSM database while keeping parts of the data not released as open and I'm curious how it looks like from the legal view.

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In general, as long as you don't create a derivate product, you don't have to merge the datasets, and you can use proprietary information.

e.g. if you would use OSM data to geocode your POI, that would make the location data of the POI is derived from OSM data, so your POI dataset has to be open.

But if you make a georeferenced rendering of OSM data and a georeferenced rendering of your POI (both separated), you can diplay the layers on top of each other without problem.

For services keeping their database proprietary, this is also possible since only the contens of the database is protected, and not the format in which it is stored. So if they just use a tool to change the format (and anyone could use that tool to get the same format), there is no problem. Those tools can be used to have a more optimal format (XML isn't optimal), or filter out only certain tags to render etc.

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