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At I have a scrub, where within there are some open areas with landuse=meadow (clearly visible in the data inspector).

The scrub (way 85074083) is outer on relation 1270018, with 7 ways being inner in this relation, but they don't show up on mapnik. I don't have problems putting holes in forests though.

On the other hand, shows a church inside a graveyard, but the graveyard is also over the church, even though I also made it a hole in the graveyard's releation. I don't see any difference (in tagging) to where it is rendered correctly. What am I doing wrong/what am I not seeing?

asked 13 Nov '10, 00:58

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You haven't tagged the relations correctly. For the scrub relation and the graveyard/church relation, they don't have any tags at all, though the ways that are part of them are tagged correctly. You have to tag the relations as type=multipolygon

Then the renderer will know it is a multipolygon relation, with separate outer and inner parts, and show it correctly. See the wiki page for details: Relation:multipolygon The second example graveyard/church relation is tagged as type=multipolygon, and as you say, it is rendered correctly.

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answered 13 Nov '10, 01:50

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Thanks for the explanation. Apparently, in woods the renderer renders holes just fine, so I didn't see the need for the multipolygon there. Don't remember how I did that for the one graveyard where it was already ok...

It renders OK now, but here (in the center) the big area is tagged as wood=confierous,landuse=forest, but is not rendered as such... One other difference in the graveyards was the other one that worked was tagged cemetary. Once changed to grave_yard, making a hole doesn't work as expected anymore.

(13 Nov '10, 10:25) Alexander Ro...

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