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Hi there!!

I'm using at the 'cityMaps2Go' iOS app from Ulmon company and when I searched in Hebrew in the offline maps inside this app for the street's name: ״דב גור״ it prompt me that this street wasn't found even that it appears in the online map in the address: ''. I reported this problem to the app's developer but they said that the problem is in the online map rather than in their app. What should I do in order to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!!


asked 21 Aug '12, 03:46

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scai ♦

You will have to contact the developers again and ask what OSM data they need before the search works.

Only if they say what OSM data will work, we will be able to decide weather it's their fault or OSM indeed had a data problem in that area.

(21 Aug '12, 10:05) Sanderd17

As the street is found at OSM but not in the app, the fault is on our side.

But the problem is that I was not able to find an email where the issue with this particular street has been pointed out. Atar, would you mind forwarding the conversation to

Thank you in advance.

We will definitely take a look into this.

Sebstian Salmhofer Ulmon Support

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answered 22 Aug '12, 09:45

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This is obviously not true as the street is found when searching for it on So either cityMaps2Go's own search function is broken or it isn't able to use ours correctly.

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answered 21 Aug '12, 07:58

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This is slightly complicated by the redaction / remapping proces. ״דב גור״ exists here, but was redacted and remapped on 13th July. Oddly the other carriageway has a different name (also remapped, 5th july). At the time of writing, our search function Nominatim is using 15th August data (there's a note at the top of that page), but it's possible at the time that Ulmon extracted the data that the street wasn't there.

Is there a date against the data in the application anywhere?

(21 Aug '12, 09:59) SomeoneElse ♦

In many cases, Nominatim is able to guess the street name while the data is wrong according to the wiki. If you say "Nominatim finds it, so it's not a data problem", that's like saying "Mapnik renders it, so it's not a data problem". While you know very well that Mapnik sometimes renders faulty data.

(21 Aug '12, 09:59) Sanderd17

@Sanderd17 not sure what you mean by "Nominatim is able to guess the street name while the data is wrong according to the wiki". Perhaps a specific example would help?

(21 Aug '12, 10:01) SomeoneElse ♦

In the first case, when boundaries are missing and no other tags such as addr:city are present, Nominatim just does a guess. This can be a lucky one, but it can also fail. It's not because Nominatim makes a lucky guess that other services make the same guess.

Secondly, a lot of boundaries are broken: missing roles, self-intersecting ways, non-closed ... Nominatim interprets these in a way, again as a lucky guess.

I don't know citymaps2go, but it's very well possible that you need to enter an address as city -> street -> number instead of free search.

(21 Aug '12, 10:13) Sanderd17

So if the street isn't assigned to the right city, the app won't find it.

damn you character limit

(21 Aug '12, 10:14) Sanderd17

Still we don't know what cityMaps2Go exactly does and why it can't find the street, so the developers have to take a look at this problem (or just ignore it).

(21 Aug '12, 11:31) scai ♦
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